There are a number of different topics that this home page points to:
  1. For info from the evening - SHOOTING WILDLIFE IN LOS ALTOS HILLS that was held In May 2013 - please click here.

  2. For info from the evening - COEXISTING WITH THE WILY COYOTE that was held In March 2009 - please click here.

  3. To see some videos of the different presentations made at the OH RATS! session in Sep 2008 - please click here. (Hosted on the site)

  4. To see a copy of the slides on RATS that were presented (Sep 2008) by Bob Kaufman of Santa Clara County Vector Control - please click here.
    (Click on the title of each slide in the left column to go from one slide to the next, or use the next/prior arrows at the very bottom of each screen)

  5. For the web-pages about the Adobe Creek Reach 5 Project - please click here

  6. For a comprehensive discussion about Slope and Land Use planning in Los Altos Hills by USGS - please click here

  7. If you are looking for the series of Aerial Pictures of Los Altos Hills - please click here (Hosted on a different site)

  8. If you are looking for the web-page archives for the Open Space Initiative - please click here

  9. If you are looking for the response to the Oct 2004 Civic Association Newsletter - please click here

What we're all about

The Town of Los Altos Hills owns a number of pieces of property which are designated as "Open Space" or "Public Recreation". These lands are an ongoing legacy for the residents of the town (and their neighbors) which in large measure define the "feeling" of the town and give it the atmosphere and ambiance for which it is known. They provide much of the reason that many of us chose to live here.

But these priceless assets need to be actively preserved and husbanded.

If we neglect them, then we will be allowing their value to be compromised slowly but surely over time. Invasive weeds, erosion, and encroachments on easements are but a few examples of the threats that need to be monitored and reacted to if we are to continue to fully enjoy our open spaces.