Coexisting with the Wily Coyote

Notes from the Presentation by Camilla Fox of:

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Camilla Fox introduced the following movie:

The movie "American Coyote - Still Wild At Heart" - available as DVD

American Coyote - Still Wild At Heart - is a compelling, half-hour film that is a virtual case study of the coyote's arrival in our human landscapes. Unfolding in San Francisco, the film pursues the coyote story across the continent to New York City's Central Park, and to urban Chicago, where more than 2,000 coyotes live today. And finally, to rural west Marin County, where ranchers find some early success in an innovative mix of humane, non-lethal predator control methods for keeping coyotes away from their livestock.

Through beautiful, original footage of coyotes and other urban creatures, this lyrical natural history film explores and celebrates the complexity, conflicts, and richness of the fertile interface between our human communities and wild nature.

To learn more about this film, or to order a $20 DVD, please contact filmmaker Melissa Peabody, at 415-533-0349, or

Notes from the Brief Presentation by Clayton Koopman of Mid peninsula Regional Open Space District (MROSD)

The Mid peninsula Regional Open Space District is working to keep detailed records of wild life that is acting either aggressively or abnormally.

Another good reference may be found at Keep Me Wild at

Coyote country precautions

Let’s all do our part in ensuring the survival of this amazing animal as well as protecting ourselves. Please educate everyone you can in better understanding the coyote and their ways. We have had lots of issues with rats and I can’t imagine the additional issues we would be having if the coyote wasn’t around.


The bulk of these notes were captured, transcribed and provided by Lee Ann Mitchell - to whom many thanks are due for making them available!

Living With The Wily Coyote
 Video of the presentation given at Town Hall